Volunteering as with any service activity performed, lightens the heart and nourishes the soul. Personally, I volunteer my time to local and international charities and religious organizations. I also am guided to use my Reiki, EFT and energy training to help certain people that I meet.  If you have ever given your time to others, then I am sure you know what I mean. If provides me with such a profound feeling of satisfaction and peace.

Below are some of the organized charities I have participated in:

Reno Homeless Shelter, Reno, Nevada
Cook and Server: Apr 2015 – Oct 2015 
Prepared and Servied Meals as part of volunteer outreach 1 Sunday a month.

SPCA, Reno, Nevada
Special Volunteer: Jan 2015 – Dec 2015 
Performed several roles with this organization to assist including vaccine clinic records management and using my skills as a Reiki master to help these abandoned animals feel more secure and loved.

The Casa de Dom Ignacio, Abadiania Brazil
Manager of Volunteers: Apr 2014 – Jul 2014 
Managed over 40 volunteers in Abadiania Brazil to clean and prepare vegetables for the spiritual center's kitchen staff each week.

The Buddha House, Abadiania Brazil
Work Crew: Apr 2014 – Jul 2014
Worked on the mural as well as assisted in new domicle setup.

Feeding Los Cabos Kids, San jose del Cabo Mexico
Cook and Server and Social Activities: Dec 2013 – Mar 2014  
Feeding Los Cabos Kids is an Interdenominational Ministry that exists to share God’s love and provide food to hungry children. We partner with local Mexican Pastors and their wives to help them oversee and prepare healthy meals for the children in their local Colonia. Our goal is to feed the children both physically and spiritually. This is done by providing meals, teaching, nurturing, encouraging, and loving these children in the name of Jesus Christ.

Presently, Cabo Church has 11 kitchens that are feeding the children from 1 day to 6 days a week. Through your donations, we are able to provide about 10,000 meals a month. This number continually increases. Our ministry is responsible for providing most of the kitchen equipment, including stove, refrigerator, pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, cups, etc. for the kitchens. We are looking to provide must of the construction labor by local church, visiting teams or other volunteers. Funding comes from visitors & those that call Cabo Church home.

Unity Church Kitchen, Sedona Arizona
Cook and Server: Oct 2012 – Nov 2013 
Volunteered weekly on Sundays at Cafe for the church to set up, cook, serve and cleanup.